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Ancient port for Jerusalem, featured in Greek mythology as well as Scripture


jaffa tourJaffa, among the oldest port cities in the western world. Today Old Jaffa is a borough of neighbouring Tel Aviv and is a centre for artisans, but brims with millenia of history and legends - where Jonah met the whale; the gate with its stamp of Ramses II and the fortress of Egyptian rule 3300 years ago; the port which served Solomon's Jerusalem. Featured in Greek Mythology connected to the story of Andromeda's rock, still visible in the sea, the city was taken from the Greeks by the Hasmonean dynasty of Maccabbees, later serving Herod the Great, but falling into the shadow of Caesarea. Here in the peak of the Great Jewish Revolt against Roman rule, the inhabitants were massacred in 69 CE. Through here, pilgrims from the Jewish diaspora would come to Jerusalem 1000 years later, followed by Christian pilgrims following the footsteps of Jesus and Peter. Jaffa was the beginning of their journey until the modern era with the advent of airports. Above the port is the home by tradition linked to Simon the Tanner, site of some of Simon-Peter's major events as detailed in the Acts of the Apostles, including the resurrection of Tabitha. From here Simon-Peter set out to Caesarea to convert the first Gentile to his new faith. Following the 7th Century CE Muslim conquest, and the sacking of Caesarea, the city again grew as a major port. 1000 years later its Ottoman Era wall would be built by a Bedouin ruler in the late 1700's only to be breached in 1799 by the artillery of Napoleon Bonaparte, who's soldiers massacred the inhabitants... and so much more... Jaffa truly has an atmosphere al of its own. Tour it with me and have all the threads of its past, its governors, stories and legends come together.