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tel aviv walking tours1st Jewish city of the modern era, Tel Aviv, celebrated its centenary in 2009. A thoroughly cosmopolitan city which truly never sleeps. Vibrant, with its compelling night-life, cafes, bars and restaurants and Mediterranean promenade & climate. Tel Aviv is also a cultural centre, with theatres, concert halls, impressive museums, a large university campus as well as a city of architectural diversity, with newly rising sky-scapers but with zoning keeping many low-level neighbourhoods of distinct character such as the newly refurbished solid-stone 19th Century German Colony. Building committees from the 1870's to 1890's, copying the model adopted in Jerusalem, acquired land and founded the first Jewish neighbourhoods outside the walls of Jaffa, such as Neve Tzedek, Neve Shalom, Shabazi and more, all later incorporated under British rule together with Ahuzat Bayit, the first planned modern neighbourhood, to form the city of Tel Aviv. These oldest neighbourhoods, all relatively close to the sea front are undergoing constant renovation, providing new 'trendy' areas of cultural life with unique restaurants, bars, cafes and local craft shops. Nearby is the restored and renovated 'Tahana' - the terminus station of the railway from the early 1900's which linked Jaffa and Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - now yet another area of restaurants, fashion shops, cafes and bars. The city's largest building boom was in the 1930's, when it became a thriving city of commerce and the arts and the centre of Jewish resistance movements to the British restrictions on Jewish immigration. Much of that building boom was in the prominent architecture of the 30's referred to as Bauhaus, under the influence of German immigrant architects. Most of this architecture in Europe was destroyed by bombing in World War 2 whilst Tel Aviv, largely unaffected by this war, was awarded its UNESCO status as the "White City" for the uniquely preserved architecture of the Bauhaus International School of the 1930's. Today Bauhaus buildings throughout the city are being restored and returned to their original character. Tour the older areas of Tel Aviv with me and hear the fascinating stories of the prominent personalities who were paramount in the city's early cultural life and development, all winding together in threads linking them through the expansion and development of the city.