24 November 2011, Philippines

Zoraydah Lyn L. Gonzales wrote:
Hi, Adrian! Just to really thank you and to tell you that you did an excellent job - especially as my Bible teacher. I really appreciate learning from no other else but the "ORIGINAL". You can bill me for that, Lol. I am still willing to enroll. Hope your mother gets better with your presence. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace. Take care.
Cheers, Zoh

14 November 2011, Texas, USA


Nesti, CSSp, Donald S. wrote:
Dear Adrian,How kind of you to forward the photos that you took on the Mount of the Beatitudes. It was a very special moment on our trip to Israel.You are a fabulous guide. You were the best of the whole trip. I can't thank you enough on behalf of the entire group.
May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let his face shine on you; may he grant you Shalom.
Father Donald

13 November 2011, Colorado, USA


Arlene Miller Wrote:
Thanks for the photos Adrian and for being such a fantastic tour guide for us. This felt like a Journey of a lifetime and I enjoyed every moment of it. Next time we'll have to travel outside of Jerusalem and see the rest of the county. Thanks so much for everything.
We appreciate all you shared with us and your lovely presence very much.

12 November 2011, Texas, USA


Virginia Le wrote:
Dear Adrian,
My husband and I are very glad to be in touch with you, he refers to you as "the scholar in Israel". I want to tell you how everybody, including Father Nesti who usually doesn't say much, raved about you, your knowledge, your intellectual foundation, your good judgment in selecting the sites, what to say and what to leave out of the vast database that Israel and the Bible offer. I want to say you've chosen the right road, keep moving. Feel free to use my brain and my planning/implementation experience to expand your business. I'll be happy to share my thoughts and skills to help you in any way I can.
God Bless,

23 September 2011, 'Tripadvisor.com'


I. Veritas, London, wrote:
"We had different guides daily: I would highly recommend Mancunian Adrian (who had lived in Israel for 30 years) for his wealth of knowledge – indeed an academic genius! - passion for the country and ability to bring the subject matter alive, a true professional who persevered even though he clearly wasn’t well on the day"

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27 July 2011, California USA.


Phil Koosed wrote:
Hey Adrian,
Thanks for the email and the kind words.  You made our experience truly amazing.  We have been fortunate enough to travel the world as a family, but we all said that you were hands down the best tour guide we have EVER had.  I have no idea how you keep all those facts and stories in your head, but it was so impressive and super interesting for all of us.  You were also extremely kind and so helpful along the way.  You are doing a huge service for Israel and Jews around the world representing Israel so well, and I just hope other guides are half as good as you are!  Please do feel free to list us as a reference whenever you want.  I would be eager to talk with anyone and share my thoughts on our extremely positive experience.  Sometimes, it is hard to get a good feel from an email or a website, but a good referral can go a long way, so I really hope we can help.  We will also be referring anyone headed to Israel your direction.  Thanks again for everything and be well.

14 July 2011, California, USA


Michelle Breit wrote:
Adrian, Just so you know, the kids (and Benjamin in particular) have not stopped raving about how great you were. We feel the same.

Thanks again,

16 April 2011, 'itraveljerusalem.com'


Cindy Schultheis-Corrales wrote:
In 2010 my husband & I took a Holland America cruise to the Holy Land. We had two days in Israel and I was greatly anticipating the tour of Jerusalem. We were very unhappy with the guide we were assigned to; some friends that we had met on the cruise were lucky enough to have Adrian Weisberg as their guide. We were able to politely defect to Adrian's group. His historic perspective was so impressive. I learned so much - like taking a college course about the Holy Land crammed into one day. He was so interesting and engaging; I will forever measure my future guides to him and his standards. Thank you Adrian for making my tour of Israel so memorable. Perhaps one day in the future I can return and take another of your tours.
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23 March, 2011 Minnesota, USA


Norma Knigge wrote:
I think of you often with all that is going on in the Middle East. My life has settled down now that 6 weeks of testing 4th and 8th graders has ended. Holy Week has new meaning for me. You had a tremendous impact on my life that few people have had. Take care and do know I have fond memories of my time in Israel.

Norma Knigge

13 March 2011, Louisiana, USA


Joe Traigle wrote:
Thanks for a great tour and some wonderful conversation.
Joe Traigle