29 January 2012, New Jersey, USA

Lauren DeVos wrote:
Hi, Adrian. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the Cavins red bus this month. Your immense knowledge of the sites, interest in tying Catholicism to Israel and Judaism, and disarming sense of humor made the pilgrimage fascinating and fun. It is obvious that you love your job and Israel, which gave the tour an extra something special.Thank you again for a marvelous tour.   
Take care,

20 January 2012, San Diego, California, USA

Adrian, It’s been 2 weeks since we returned from our trip to Israel. It’s great to hear the boys talking with their friends about what we did and what they learned. We want to thank you for touring with us and sharing your thoughts and insights about everything. The boys told us that the two days with you and hearing the real history from you was one of the highlights of the trip; that, along with seeing the Russian super models in Jaffa. We look forward to touring with you again and will call when we plan our next trip for 2012.
Keep in touch,

31 January 2012, Texas, USA

Brian Timmons (a Jeff Cavins tour participant) Wrote:
Adrian,  Over the last 2 weeks Maggie and I have been revisiting our pictures and mementos. As you and Jeff stated, Scripture and the Mass would never be the same, and it isn’t. You were, are an essential to our experience and memories. Yes, Jeff taught and our insight to the Word continues to grow. You, on the other hand, were with us all day pointing out not only history, geography, Jewish tradition and culture, but also so much New Testament in the Holy land. You provided so much of the Catholic history and the history of the churches we visited. It is for these reasons that you remain with us. When listening to the Liturgy we are reminded of you, Adrian. When I go to bible study (Psalms w/ Jeff on DVD) places mentioned become alive and you provided that. When the sacrifice of the mass is presented, the images of the Holy Sepulcher and the Via Delarosa are etched in my being because you presented them. Just know that you are remembered and at what better time than at mass or when reading scripture for that to happen. Last two Sundays we both recalled that we were at those places and you explained one thing or the other about it. Pretty cool huh?
Our very best,
Brian and Maggie Timmons

24 February 2012, New Jersey USA

Hi Adrian: Just wanted to thank you for helping make Marc's recent counter-terrorism tour even more interestng and enjoyable.  Your historical knowledge is amazing, and the trivia bits you shared, such as the seed-based European shoe size system and the change in Roman numerals were really fascinating.  I wish you all the best and I hope to meet up with you again on my next trip to Israel.
Shalom, my brother!
Gary R. Siska

19 January 2012, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Marybeth Green wrote:
Hey Adrian - We had heard that each time you come to the Holy Land, you deepen your knowledge of the sites and events. However, the caveat to this is only in the hands of a guide who is thoroughly knowledgeable  and deeply invested in your learning. John and I would like to thank you for the time and knowledge you shared with us. We will always remember the guide who made us laugh and made our experience rich and meaningful. Should you ever come to San Antonio again, know that you have a place to stay
Marybeth and John Green

13 February 2012, Washington DC, USA

Clare Lopez wrote:
Dear Adrian - just a quick note to say "Thank You" for your wonderful commentary during our Experience Israel tour last week...as Marc would say, you truly are a 'walking encyclopedia" !
I think all of us learned an incredible amount from you on everything from archeology to history to linguistic etymology and everything in between. I will be happy to remember half of what you told us....but over time, and with the photos to jog our memories, it will all sink in, I am sure. Hope you have a great vacation trip coming up and look forward to staying in touch with you!
All the best,

30 August 2011 Florida, USA

Helen & Bruce Giacoma wrote:
Dear Adrian, Thank you for such a mitzvah that day. Your tutelage made the tour that day one of the highlights of our entire trip. Truly thank you. We hope that should you ever find yourself in our area that you would honor us with a visit, and we will break bread together. Hoping that you and yours stay safe and mazel tov on your daughter’s wedding.
All our best,
Helen and Bruce Giacoma

8 March 2012, Florida, USA

Tom Fraites wrote:
Shalom to Our Good Friend and Faithful Guide Adrian -
We have kept in contact with several couples who also enjoyed you and the entire tour crew. We know you meet many, many people who appreciate you in your work and we also are aware you cannot keep track of them all but we certainly think the world of you and consider you as our friend.
With warmest regards and until in God's plan we meet again -
Jin Ja and Tom Fraites

28 March 2012, Lima, Peru

Doris Chirinos Escobedo wrote:
Hi Adrian, I send warm greetings from Lima-Peru. It was a beautiful experience that happened in Jerusalem, your land is a beautiful land, and blessed, thank you for coming to teach usof His country, His songs, customs, We do not forget this.
I will be praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and telling people who are around me, God is great, it will make a prayer chain,
many blessings Adrian, SHALOM.